Camel Laptop Sleeve

After a rather dark post the other day, I was feeling a bit better. Well, I tend to be a bit darker and sadistic when I got ill. So there you are.

Anyhow, the health improved somehow, maybe because I'm already past my due date and my hormones, especially my estrogen, already dropped. So, right now, I am waiting for my contractions. The husband is pretty tense about the delivery while I, the person who gonna give birth, try to be as calm as possible. Kinda remind me of that English sign from the beginning World War II.

Calm On!

So I tried to keep myself busy doing stuff. The sewing machine was serviced and it's ready to roll again a week ago. And the husband's birthday is coming up. So what one with impulsive tendency to sew would do? Eat banana and watch some movies.

Of course I sew.

He just got a brand new laptop in fuschia. Kinda a weird color for a guy to have a fuschia laptop, so I decided that manning-up the laptop was the perfect project. I'm gonna make him a laptop sleeve. Plus, I found this really gorgeous tutorial to make an amazing laptop sleeve online.

I used an old t-shirt with a camel picture on it. It's grey, so I think it will serve the purpose of manning-up the laptop. But since I was once tiny, in a skinny kind of way, the t-shirt is a skinny one and there aren't much fabric to it. And I should've took a picture of it, but I forgot. Preggers thing.

But I remember to take a picture after it's done! No worries!

Here's the front (or back, it doesn't matter)

As you can see the picture is a bit off-center. I tried to make an efficient pattern placement with the fabric I had, but in the end had to settle with a bit off-center picture. And since it's a t-shirt, I used an iron-on interfacing to make the fabric more stable.

that's the fuschia laptop in there
with the laptop inside

I use centimeters most of the times and this time since the pattern pieces uses formula in inches, I used inches instead. I made several error on sizing but managed to make it a rather tight sleeve. But I thought It's just because the lining hasn't stretched out yet. I used grey felt to keep it warm and snuggly inside and velcro to close the flap.

The husband was surprised that the bedridden wife was able to whip up such project in one day. Bottom line, he's pretty happy. After he said thank you, he started reading a book and made me feel I should've sown a book sleeve instead.

Oh well, what can you do. Keep calm and carry on it is.

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