about me

That's how I usually say hi to people. So, halo! I may appear a bit crazy on my picture here, but honestly .. you have no idea.

People call me Putri. The name actually means 'princess' in Indonesian. But I can assure you that there's nothing princess-y about me. Really, I've checked with my friends. I'm currently living in Yogyakarta, a small city in Java, Indonesia. Go on, look it up. It's ok not to know. Eight years ago, I moved from this home town of mine to the capital, Jakarta. There I worked as an editor and later as a managing editor. Done with all of the craziness the big city can offer, I succumbed to the tranquilty that Yogyakarta is famous of and the love of the guy that now I gladly call my husband. I moved back home. And haven't regret it ever since.

No, are you crazy? I am not always bubbly and fun. Some of my friends would say that
I have a definite streak of philosophical darkness, whatever that means. But I also enjoy picnic under the shades with a cup of lemonade, egg sandwich, sunnies, and a good book. And since I moved back, I've been calling every day as a Sunday.


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