Tutorial: Gift Paper Bag

I like making my own paper bags. I'm weird that way. But every now and then, I forgot how to make them. So I ended up fumbling with my papers and glue for more than the reasonable time to make a paper bag. Not to mention I messed up the paper pretty bad before I managed to remember how to do it properly.

Anyhow, I know that there are dozens of tutorial out there on how to make a paper bag. But as far as my keywords on Google went, none of them helped me remember because none of them are like how I make my paper bag.

I learned how to do it this way from a Japanese book on craft for children when I was little. Lost the book, hence the constant memory loss.

Fabric Paints Experiments #1

Lately, aside from sewing and doing odd crafty jobs, I've been experimenting with fabric paints. I've been wanting to try it since forever but never had the courage further from Pentel's FabricFun.

But since I have so many free time on my hand lately, last week I decided to go bold.

And actually purchase some paints and shirts.

And did this.

And this.

And this.

And I've been unstoppable since.

Green Batik Top and How Sewing Keeps Me Sane


How's life?

I hope you're all healthy and happy. The baby and I are happy and healthy too. He's been keeping me from writing any decent blog. And I was (still is) happy to oblige.

Which was rather strange for me, since I never really thought of myself as that kind of person. But a baby can change a person, or probably brings out what was hidden inside a person. Ummm ... let's just see it that way.

I haven't been absent from sewing though :D

I've had my ups and downs on sewing before, sharing my own stash of unfinished projects. But after the baby, sewing became an outlet for me. I get bored easily, really. That's why I love random things. Babies can be very random too. But they can also be very tiring and demanding. And sewing lets me puffed the steam and be alone with myself for sometime. Well, at least when Nara is asleep or someone else is playing with him.

And sewing, with it's many options of projects, difficulties, materials, and techniques are random enough to keep me entertained. At least until now, 10 months after the baby arrived. And I have to say, that sewing keeps me sane.

Well, as sane as I can be.

Anyhow, I've managed to sew a top a couple of months ago. Which is a great deal. I've never got the courage to sew garments because of the fear that it won't fit well. But this time, I was really into the project that I wasn't gonna let it stop before I finished it. Mostly because since I was fully breastfeeding Nara, my breast was about 2 size bigger and I needed a new top that fits well and comfy. No kidding.

This Green Batik Top was traced from a favorite top that fits well. It's a 5 piece pattern that is very easy to make.

Yes. That's me XD

I finished it with a zigzag stitch and a little detail on the front side.

The small detail.
The finishing zigzag.

Sewing this top was a lot of fun and gave me the 'me time' that I need. Yes, trust me, if you don't have children yet, you'll need 'me time' when you do. Maybe you can take up sewing. And who knows, as a bonus, you'll get yourself a neat new top too!


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