the afternoon ride

What's the greatest thing to spend your wonderful afternoon? To me, and I have to admit that this only begun recently, it's going on a bike and wondered around the small city where I live.

I moved back here 2 months ago after working my ass off in Jakarta. I had to. Aside from I miss the tranquility that Yogyakarta has to offer, I got married to a guy who happens to work in my hometown. Talking about coincidence and being lucky!

Anyhow, I found Jakarta too busy for a woman on a leisure biking. But Yogyakarta is a whole different story. So, I ride on of these.

Exactly like this one! And it comes with a foldable basket!

Well, it's not mine. My auntie Soes bought it several years ago. Apparently Kona, the factory that made this bike, built the bike as a part of their charity work. For every two of these bikes sold, one bike will be donated to help those needed all over the world. The bike itself is named Kona Africa. Find out more about the bike and the program here. It's a really good city ride and it feels much better that this bike contribute for at least half of a bike someone is using in some part of the world. Yeayness!

The other day ride was to meet up an old friend in a small cafe in a quiet housing complex. A long chat, a big cup of butterbeer, some afternoon snack and the yellow ray of the sun.



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