another sewing episode

My husband always says that when I'm into something, I'm INTO something.
I never really admit realize it until he pointed it out to my face.

And apparently what I did with editing, I do so with sewing.

After venturing with plushies and starting to ran out of animals to make, I decided that I should move on to something for me. The plushies are not for me, of course. it's for the baby, which will be due in 7 weeks.

So I went out online and searched for simple and easy to do projects. There were wallets, another plushie, baby boots (yeah, .. i know, something for me) and many others. But I got so frustrated with the detailed tutorials. I guess I'm not into following anyone's orders today. So eventually I ended up making a pillow out of a t-shirt. Which was something I was planning to do anyway since a while back. No patterns, no tutorials. Let's see what's gonna happen.

The t-shirt itself is a treasure for me. A couple of years back, when I was super-thin, I went to Bangkok and bought t-shirts with camera pictures on it. I bought two with two different sizes. One is smaller, the white one. I say, when you find something that you really like, you should buy more than one, just in case. So I bought two, one in white, the other in grey.

Needless to say, in accordance to my comfortability level in my ex-office, I soon grew out of the white one. And of course, now, with a baby on the way, I'm pretty sure will never fit into it again.

Done with several measurements, I found out that the pillow can't be bigger than 38x38cm. The standard size is 40x40cm here. So I guess I have to make the inside myself too, eh?

So be it.

Several sewing disasters later, I managed to have this on my bed.

on the right is the other t-shirt

Now, if you don't mind, I need to welcome this new member of my bed.

What? The grey one? I still dream that I will fit into it again one day :)

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